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At Van Riper & Nies, our lawyers, Tim Nies, a U.S. Army Ranger Veteran, and Christian Van Riper, a former Florida Prosecutor, work together to provide trustworthy representation that fosters open communication. We take our job seriously. When clients need to resolve stressful legal issues, we use our considerable combined experiences to leave no stone unturned and deliver tenacious trial solutions, while working with each client on a personal level. Our attorneys strive, not to meet, but to exceed, our clients’ expectations.

Our Counsel

Tim Nies

Tim Nies is a veteran of the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers and a former insurance company casualty attorney who has represented Fortune 500 companies. Injured in the line of duty during a parachute mission, Tim worked hard to recover from his physical injuries and thus has a valuable insight into the daily struggles of people who have been injured. He also has a deep understanding of the policies and tactics used by insurance companies and is passionate about helping injured parties break through these hurdles to get the compensation they deserve. Tim is well-known in the community as a trial savvy and passionate personal injury, family law and commercial civil litigation attorney.

Christian Van Riper

Van Riper & Nies sets itself apart with the experience of its attorneys. As a former prosecutor for the state of the Florida, Christian Van Riper knows how the other side thinks, allowing him to create proactive legal strategies for criminal defense clients.

Before becoming an attorney, Christian was an investigator with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), giving him a unique perspective not only on criminal cases, but also on family law and divorce cases.

As personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and civil litigation attorneys, Tim and Christian use their past experiences to analyze cases using different perspectives. Together, they can identify potential issues within each case and create ironclad strategies to benefit their clients.

Resolved Injury Cases

Some of the recent significant settlements we have worked hard to recover for our clients.


for a client who sustained lumber spine injuries and a complication from a surgery


for a client who sustained lumbar spine injuries after a fall


for a helicopter pilot who sustained lumbar spine injuries during flight operations


for a client who sustained spine injuries while conducting defensive tactics training


for a contractor, a senior chef, who slipped and fell, sustained a hip injury


for a client who sustained rib and intercostal nerve injuries after another slammed a door into her while she was conducting interviews

Personalized Service

Here at Van Riper & Nies we provide comprehensive trial services focused on putting our clients in the best possible position for successful outcomes. As a cohesive team, we work closely with our clients to identify their needs and objectives, and then we craft individual legal strategies.

While working on a case, we pride ourselves on remaining personally available to our clients. Our trial attorneys provide clients with cell phone numbers to call after hours and on weekends because we understand that emergencies are not limited to office hours. We take your case seriously, and we hope that our dedication shows in the way we treat clients and conduct ourselves.

Veterans Helping Veterans

Tim Nies is a former Ranger with the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment. He sustained a line-of-duty injury during a parachute mission and underwent month of rehabilitation, but unfortunately was unable to stay in the Ranger Regiment due to his injury. Soon after being medically discharged, Tim attended law school on the GI bill.

As a disabled veteran, Tim is proud to represent fellow veterans in court. As such, Van Riper & Nies proudly offers a 20% discount for honorably discharged veterans on hourly cases.

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